Children's Vision & Learning

Below are some guidelines and information about children’s vision as well as some links to sites for further information.

  • 80% of all learning during a child’s first 12 years of life is obtained through vision.
  • Vision disorders are the 4th most common disability in the United States and the most prevalent handicapping condition in childhood.
  • 8 to 12 million school age children are at risk from undetected vision impairments

The bottom line is: Your child’s ability to see clearly in school will have an enormous impact on their ability to learn. As parents, you can ensure that your child’s academic performance is maximized from the beginning of their educational career by having their eyes examined by an optometrist. Undiagnosed and, therefore, untreated vision problems among our children represent one of the most serious, yet overlooked, health issues facing our nation.

Under the “Clear Vision, Bright Future” Initiative, Wisconsin optometrists have partnered with parents, school district administrators, school nurses and other health providers to encourage students to receive the eye health and vision care they need. This Initiative provides the opportunity not only to enhance the academic future of your child, but also to provide a strong foundation for those who may be at-risk for visual learning problems.

Parents & Teachers- Please do not assume that a child has healthy eyes and no problems seeing in school. That assumption could risk the child's future eye health and school achievement. Have their eyes examined.

Tips for parents scheduling comprehensive eye exams for their children:

  1. Schedule the exam early in the day, at least 3-4 months before school starts
  2. Let your child know that there won’t be any shots involved
  3. Make a game of it; practice looking at pictures and making it fun
  4. Don’t worry about the experience, its not traumatic and your child will have a good time at the eye doctor’s office, we guarantee it!

Wisconsin Law

A current Wisconsin law, Statute Chapter 118.135 states: Each school board shall request each pupil entering kindergarten to provide evidence that the pupil has had his or her eyes examined by an optometrist or evaluated by a physician.

Financial Assistance for Eye Exams

Many children in Wisconsin do not have insurance coverage for eye examinations. Member doctors of the Wisconsin Optometric Association (WOA) provide free eye examinations for children who do not have insurance and who cannot afford such care. Please contact the WOA’s VISION USA Program at (877) 435-2020 to request an application form or for more information regarding this special program.

We participate in both of these programs at Warren Eye Care.