Computer Vision Syndrome


Many people say that they are the most productive that they have ever been due to improvements in computer speed and capabilities. Others however are miserable at work and much less productive than they should be due to visual problems when using a computer.

Some people do just fine with one pair of glasses, or their standard contact lenses alone to use a computer. Many people however are much less comfortable visually and physically and much less productive than they should be due to using improper eyewear while using a computer.

Prescribing glasses or contacts or contacts and glasses to maximize visual comfort and performance while using a computer requires a different set of examination techniques than are used during a regular eye examination. Dr. Warren will customize your Rx to your individual needs and office ergonomics using these techniques.

Many people find that by having a pair of computer specific glasses (to use alone or with their contact lenses) they are much less likely to get a stiff neck, dry and sore eyes and headaches. If you use a computer for more than one hour per day on a regular basis (especially if you are over the age of 35) be sure to talk to Dr. Warren about Computer Specific Eyewear during your next appointment. Or you can set up an appointment specifically to discuss your options now. Just call the office at (262) 752-2020 to schedule an appointment now.

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