Irregular Astigmatism


Regular Astigmatism is a normal and very frequent visual problem that is easily and accurately corrected with eye glasses or conventional contact lenses.

Irregular Astigmatism is not normal and is not correctable with traditional means such as eye glasses and contact lenses. Patients with Irregular Astigmatism will often see double images/ghost images as well as frequently complaining of a “starburst” effect or general distortion of images.

Irregular astigmatism can result from conditions such as Keratoconus or other naturally occurring corneal degenerations. Corneal injuries can also cause irregular astigmatism. One of the most common causes of Irregular Astigmatism is refractive surgery. If the treatment zone is not perfectly centered, Irregular Astigmatism can occur. A poorly centered or unevenly applied Rk treatment zone or incision pattern can also create Irregular Astigmatism.

Custom RGP lenses are usually the best vision correction option for patients who suffer from any type of irregular astigmatism. Over the last 10+ years, we have been helping patients see their best by correcting their vision corrections such as irregular astigmatism so don’t despair, there’s hope!

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