Optical Aberrometry

Utilizing the latest in technology we are able to detect and quantify your patients’ vision in ways that were not possible even two years ago. The Topcon KR1-W measures a person’s vision in several different ways. It determines a person’s prescription in three different zones (pupil sizes), Measures the corneal surface shape, Provides two different pupil size measurements and also provides the eye’s “optical finger print”.

We use the three prescriptions to determine what lens power(s) to use in different light conditions. Patients who have a large degree of difference between the central and peripheral prescriptions will benefit greatly from WaveTouch lenses or two different Rx’s in their glasses or contact lenses. We may also “blend” the prescriptions to provide the best all around vision in a single prescription.
We have been able to measure the corneal surface contour for many years, we can now analyze that data alongside the rest of the eyes visual characteristics to better put that information to use for the patient’s benefit.
The pupil size measurements allow us to analyze the impact of different light levels and pupil sizes on our patients and many times explains our patient’s symptoms, which then allows us to come up with a plan to improve their visual function.
Finally, the “Optical Finger Print” tells us the eyes focusing power at any point inside the pupil. You would be surprised how many patients have patterns of irregular power in many different areas of their visual system. Knowing how they are distributed helps us predict how well our patients will see with different types of vision correction, spectacles, soft lenses, RGP lenses or custom WaveTouch soft lenses, or even surgery.

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