Technology at WEC


We pride ourselves on having the most up to date technology available to our patients. We invest thousands of dollars every year into this commitment.

No technology or piece of equipment can replace personal service and a caring approach to patient care, but used together, technology and a personal touch provide the ultimate in patient care.

3D Wave Aberrometer

We took delivery and training of our 3D Wave Aberrometer in August of 2007. It has been an outstanding addition to our practice. This device measures the visual system in ways that were previously impossible.

We are able to measure the optical power of the eye throughout the pupil as well as generate maps of corneal curvature and even apply these measurements to custom contact lenses.

The Total Refraction System (TRS) takes the information from the 3D Wave and uses it as the starting point for a patient’s spectacle prescription. Using the TRS not only speeds up the refraction process, it makes the whole process much more “patient friendly” and accurate.


The Macuscope measures the pigment levels in the Macula which is a predictor for the risk of developing Macular Degeneration. We are the first practice in Southeastern Wisconsin to have this technology and are very excited about our new diagnostic capabilities.

Retinal Thickness Analysis

We have had our RTA 5 for a bit over a year now. As with the earlier version of the RTA that we have had for 4.5 years, the RTA 5 is extremely useful for patients who have Glaucoma, Diabetes, Macular Degeneration and other eye diseases that affect the back portion of the eye. The RTA 5 also has the ability to perform what is best described as a Baseline and Screening examination. The RTA Vision Wellness examination creates a high resolution photo of the retina and optic nerve, describes the surface contour and size of the optic nerve and gives retinal thickness data.

This information is useful in several ways. The first is the early detection of Glaucoma and other ocular diseases. The RTA has better “resolving power” than even the best trained human eye which means that it can pick some diseases up earlier than I can, no matter how well trained I think I am. The second is similar to the way that a dentist utilizes your x-rays, the RTA Vision Wellness examination provides base line measurements that can be used to tell if there has been a change in the ocular structures over time.

I am ordering this examination on most of my adult patients. The examination takes just a few minutes and is not an uncomfortable experience.

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