What We Do

The vast majority of people who need vision correction have come by their vision problems naturally. Some people just need to have their Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism or Presbyopia corrected by traditional glasses and contacts. However, some people will find that those traditional methods, just don't give them the clear and comfortable vision they deserve. Often times, those people will have irregular vision conditions which require more specialized correction. The technical terms for those common yet previously uncorrectable conditions are Coma, Trefoil, Quadrafoil, Spherical Aberration and other "High Order Aberrations". Utilizing new technology and advanced contact lens fitting techniques, we can finally provide our patients an optimal customized prescription giving them the best possible vision.

Refractive surgery patients who are seeking to enhance there vision without additional surgery, are now in luck! If you have had RK, ALK, PRK, LASIK or other elective surgeries and would like to achieve better vision, we can help. For many years, people who have had their vision damaged by refractive surgery have had to simply "make do" with their remaining vision. Utilizing many of the same techniques and technologies that help us correct the vision of other patients, these patients who aren't experiencing "contact lens and glasses free vision" can now have their eyesight restored...and all with out the risk of surgery!

If you would like to learn more about your vision and your vision correction options, please contact our office at (262) 752-2020 or by email at office@warreneyecarecenter.com We are always accepting new and challenging patients. Unlike many other practices we enjoy working with patients who are having problems!

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